Chanukah Giveaway & Chanukah Craft Part IV

09 November 2010 12:28 by SarainAkko
As you may have gathered, Chanukah sneaks up on us so early this year. Really, shockingly early for those of us with a side by side Hebrew/English calender.

But for those of who also have a crafty need to make stuff and force it on others, this is no deterrent. My next Chanukah project comes out of the necessity to find an appropriate present to give to 31 preschoolers before their holiday break begins.

I also have a need to use up the many many 4-packs of crayons that I purchased this summer with the intent of placing in birthday treat bags, only to forget and leave them in the large pile on my craft shelf.

While last year's project included 30 Felt Driedel bags with homemade playdough, chanukah crayons, butterflies, bugs, origami animals and treats this year I am not undertaking a project of such a scale. Just a small gift from our family to the kids.

But what's a mom to craft when the only recognizable symbols of the holiday are Dreidels and Chanukiahs? And everyone knows that paper-cut jelly doughnuts rarely (never) turn out very well.

Any ideas?

Alright here's the GIVEAWAY!

Neat Chanukah Crayons


Anyone who comments on this post is eligible to win some of these Chanukah Crayons, recycled crayons in fun Chanukah shapes. I'll choose one winner at random and ship them out in time for Chanukah, anywhere in the world. The set of crayons is a mix of 9 colors and shapes. Dreidels, Stars of David, Chanukiahs and more.

Leave an idea for how to get rid of these packs crayons in a fun Chanukah-ish manner. The craft must be able to be completed with stuff I probably already have lying around my house (you can assume my craft scraps and supplies are extensive). Post as many ideas as you like but only one comment entry will count for the drawing. If I use your idea, I'll feature it and credit your brilliant idea. Comical if unrealistic ideas will be considered as well, I like to think big.

If you don't have an idea for what to do with all these crayons you can "follow" me and let me know in a comment.

Contests ends and winner will be drawn by November 18th. Or you could always buy your own set here on Etsy.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions but otherwise, comment with your ideas.

12 Response to "Chanukah Giveaway & Chanukah Craft Part IV"

  1. Nate Says:

    Ok so this seems pretty simple but I'll throw it your direction anyway. If the crayons are anything like the ones I grew up with they'll melt pretty well. I'd grab a few yards of string, use a pin to hollow out the middle of the already candle-like drawing utensils, string them up and trim them, then melt the bottoms together and form mini menorahs. Here's a link on how to make real wicks if you really wanna go nuts and care to give the gift of flame to small children. Hope this helps. Happy Chanukah!

  2. Liz Says:

    I have a great idea for you that I once did for a 4-H project (yes, 4-H). Find candy molds, you could even do Chanukah themed candy molds... Melt the crayons by using a double boil system, like old soup cans placed in a simmering pot of water. Pour the crayon wax into the candy molds. You can make multicolored ones or mix and match tie-dye colors. Plus then, the crayons are big for little hands. I want a dreidel please ;)

  3. mS Says:

    Making dipped candles is a lot of fun. Cut up string for wicks, melt down the crayons, and enjoy mixing, matching, mismatching colors.

    You could also do a sort of reverse craft project. Take all that wax, make figurines of Hellenists, and then -- this is the reverse part -- squash, crush, and melt them. It's recyclable too.

    Notch the crayons and build a scale, lincoln-log model of Beit HaMikdash.


    Meir Simchah

  4. creativejewishmom/ Says:

    You can make grated crayon art....take an old grater, let your kids have fun grating the crayons onto wax paper. Put another piece of wax paper on top and iron (or course put another piece between the iron and the wax paper....) It's so much fun...display your creations as modern art, or cut them up into dreidel shapes and make a fun banner for Chanukah.

  5. shalom Says:

    Shalom Sara, I read Creative Jewish Mom's blog and she mentioned you. Had to check it out. I would like to be considered for your contest, though I don't have anything new to add. I see that melting the crayons into new shapes or candles has already been mentioned. I love CJM's idea. I think I will do that with my kids since we have a lot of broken pieces. Would like to subscribe but didn't see a place to click for that. Shavua tov!

  6. SarainAkko Says:

    Loving reading everyone's ideas so far, keep them coming. Maybe some ideas for keeping the crayons in tact and giving them in a festive manner as crayons to the kids.

  7. imnai ( Says:

    Why not make candle making kits? Hanukkah is about light and family so make an activity box. You could put several crayons in one box along with wax bags (plastic, cheap) wicks (bulk buy off E-bay) and a candle mould or two (Which don't look esp. cheap, but you could be creative: decorate old jars)

    You could make them really pretty, and it would be an interesting present.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So cute ~ For teachers this year at the holidays, I'm gluing an assortment of broken crayons around the edges of a wide wooden frame to decorate it and putting a copy of the class picture. Like you, I also have an over-abundance of crayons I bought on sale earlier and then forgot about.

  9. justanotherbaker Says:

    I wonder if you could make the crayons into beads. Maybe cut them into various sizes, heat up a neadle or nail to make a hole in the crayon piece. Maybe paint them with a decoupage. If you had the talent for it, you could carve the pieces.

  10. Danielle (elleinadspir) Says:

    How about crayon letters? You could make them with the initials of the kids in your family (or friends) and give them as gifts. Here is a link to one I made.

  11. Elizabeth Beck-Johnson Says:

    I recently melted crayons to put in goody bags for my daughters birthday. I wanted to do something for the kids in her pre-school class but couldnt find any Chanukah molds. Where did you find these?

  12. SarainAkko Says:

    Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. I think you'll have the most luck if you search for candy molds online. They're relatively inexpensive and as long as you don't overheat (boil) the crayons, your molds can handle the heat. But, some candy molds are really shallow and are not so great for crayons (they break too easily) so search for something with a bit of depth.

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