Kids Chanukah Cards- Chanukah Crafts Part V

15 November 2010 12:39 by SarainAkko
See, I let my kids craft a little too.

I have my happy little Chanukah Goblins hard at work crafting their own Chanukah cards to send to family and friends.

As we all know a well planned for craft can keep little hands busy and out of trouble. Also, it seems that family and friends like the stuff kids make in a few minutes as much as the stuff mom spends hours thinking of how to craft.

These are simple white crayon on card-stock, greeting card messages that have been painted over with watercolors by my children, 4 and nearly 2. I prepared the super-simple designs and let the kids go wild with the paints. A heavy cardstock was perfect for this project because 2 is too little for watercolors and the result is a very damp but still usable card in the end.

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