Felt Crafts for Chanukah Part II, Dreidel Gelt Bag

23 October 2010 23:23 by SarainAkko

This craft is borrowed directly from my mother. I can honestly say that I don't think she has any sort of crafty bone in her body, a statement I don't think she'd disagree with, so I can only assume that one of her crafty teacher friends lent her this go to Chaunkah gem sometime back in the 70's.

Our home was never heavy on the decorations but Chanukah did mean getting out our collection of Dreidels and these bags.

I've frequently used this project for classes of 3rd and 4th graders with much success and prepared these for a whole class of preschoolers with equally rave reviews. The key here is to paint everyone's name on their bag. It makes it individual and special.

In essence, the Dreidel Gelt Bag is quick and festive and can be completed by kids or by an adult as an afternoon activity or something to keep student's hands busy with crafting before going on holiday break.

2 Sheets of felt squares, blue is kind of holiday-ish but I say go wild.
Glitter fabric paint or glue, any color you like
Embroidery thread and needle

1. Make single Dreidel template by folding felt in half. Calculate roughly half way down the open side and cut at an angle to bottom fold.

2. Next measure an inch or two from top center fold outward and cut a 2 inch vertical line, Cut from the bottom of this line straight out towards the open ends.

3. Trace onto the second piece to get two matching halves of your Driedel.

4. *Sew closed the bottom four ends.

5. Use glitter paint or glitter glue to add the Hebrew name of the recipient. Let dry.

6. Present finished bag to child filled with Chanukah goodies (Chocolate Gelt, Chanukah Crayons, etc...) and enjoy!

*Note:For a classroom activity for students to sew themselves, skip step 4 but continue to write the names of each student before presenting them with their project. I usually get the dull craft needles and pre-cut thread for each student to save time and aggravation in-class. Be ready to help younger students and often older ones who have never sewn before.

(This is my husband's Gelt bag, twice the of the kid's bags, but often worn as a hat for photos)

2 Response to "Felt Crafts for Chanukah Part II, Dreidel Gelt Bag"

  1. Yosefa Says:

    I think I will do this with some spare fleece from the vests I made my kids. Except I'm going to precut holes along the edge and let them sew with shoe strings. (Ages almost 4 and 5.5) I better finish cutting out my vest before they come home so I know how much extra I have.

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    That's a great idea. My 4yo loves sewing cards where you practice stitching the clothes to the doll so I bet she's also ready for this project this year. Thanks.

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