Ahoy Matey! A Whale of a Craft Dilema.

24 November 2010 00:01 by SarainAkko

Every day since I brought these stupid dish towels home, I look at them shoved into my already bursting pile of projects in waiting and think...

"What did I even want those for?"

I am not an impulsive shopper, I go to the store for what I need and although I tend to hoard craft supplies, I don't buy something with out a rough image of where the project is going to take me.

Maybe I saw these soft plush dish towels and thought I'd make them festive for Chanukah. Perhaps I forgot that matching dish towels in our home means matching coffee stains, not ribbon trimmed for the holidays.

I any case, I kept the towels until the fateful day when I decided enough. I dug them out to prepare for an upcoming 2nd birthday party for my son. The theme will be fish and I am happy to announce I have found a use for these dish towels. Thanks About.com, no seriously.*



In any case I am glad to say that along with the baggied goldfish soaps and the other fish treats our guests will be taking home, they will also be receiving whale washcloth scrubbers.

I like that this little scrubber is a quick sew, (even if your machine is trapped in repair) and that the nature of the terrycloth loops hide all the ragged hand-stitches you otherwise might see. Plus, you can make them tiny enough that they fit your child's tiny hand. Face it, child sized is somehow cuter.

(Pod of Whales)

I'll keep posting more on the upcoming party as it comes into place.

*I'd like to state that this is the first time in history that a search leading to About.com has actually produced an answer to my crafting question (often it is just like a reading a summary of a wiki article on any given topic). There's even a video with this tutorial in case you can't visualize how it fits together.

5 Response to "Ahoy Matey! A Whale of a Craft Dilema."

  1. Lindsay @Silly Mom Thoughts Says:

    I love it!! I love the color, too. It's such a unique, bright blue.

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    Lindsay- Thanks. For some reason the color looks great once whale-ified but is way to much on it's own.

  3. Cora Says:

    These are really cute! I've never seen bath scrubbers shaped like whales and yours are really nice. I like your the rest of your blog too!

  4. SarainAkko Says:

    Cora- Thanks so much. After finishing a half dozen scrubbers it seems like the perfect reason for the existence of these dish towels. Plus, these are the softest, most baby/sensitive skin friendly scrubbers I've ever encountered.

  5. Courtenay Says:

    I love these! The whale shape is a favorite of mine! Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting us at ThreeSisterz!

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