Crochet in Mainstream Israeli Culture

24 November 2010 10:18 by SarainAkko
Looks like one of my favorite pastimes is gaining some street cred around Israel.*

Check out this commercial from a popular clothing chain in Israel

Love it!

I loved my first encounter with Urban Knitting or Guerrilla Knitting aka Yarn Bombing a few years back and still find it "the least offensive form of graffiti" around. In fact it's downright cheerful.

While living in Jerusalem, I felt ridiculous when I'd find myself to be the only woman on the bus not busy at work crocheting kippot for my husband, son or brother. I simply didn't know how.

Being that it was the apparent city-wide sport of my peers, I taught myself.

Rather, this great woman taught me how to crochet. She makes the most instructive and helpful YouTube tutorials I've ever found. Have a look.

* For the record, we don't own a TV and I just happened to see this commercial which sent me into a frenzy trying to find it online to share, I just think it's that neat.

2 Response to "Crochet in Mainstream Israeli Culture"

  1. Cora Says:

    I really like that commercial - see the world through crocheting! I clicked on the link to where you learned to crochet, (because suddenly after watching that commercial, I wanted to learn to crochet), but it looks incredibly daunting. Did you really only read that woman's blog and watch those youtube tutorials and figured out how to do it? Were you a complete beginner, or did you already have some experience? Judging from your other projects you must already have a knack for these things.

    Anyways, I really liked this post. Thanks for the link to that commercial - it was cute!^^

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    Cora- Thanks for stopping by. I had never crocheted in my life. I watched one video and in the course of an hour or so was crocheting a hat. It took me 1/2 an afternoon to finish and I wear it all the time.

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