Matryoshka Madness, A Nestng Doll Tutorial

02 November 2010 10:42 by SarainAkko

I've seen those expensive Japanese fabric prints with the rows of adorable little Russian Matryoshkas . I've seen felt garland Matryoshkas and printable paper Matryoshkas. Matryoshka appliqued baby booties and unfolding Matryoshkas birthday cards.

As I yelled across the room at my husband just recently, "Have you seen all the freaking Matryoshkas on Etsy lately?" As a Russian born male, the cuteness of this recent craze is totally lost on him.
They are literally everywhere and while my children have their own authentic, aged wooden Matryoshkas and their newer pencil topper Matryoshkas, I thought I should at least try my hand with a modern twist to the very old Russian nesting doll.

Here's how to Make your own little Softie Matryoshka Doll set.

1 One fat quarter of calico print or a large scrap (small pattern works well with this scale)
Large scrap thick muslin or plain canvas/quilting weight light solid (for face)
Embroidery thread in black and red/pink
Stuffing of your choice (I like dried beans or rice for these guys)
Basics(Paper, pencil, needle thread, scissors)


1. Create a set of three templates by outlining your Matryoshka shape onto paper and then decreasing the size incrementally for each following template. I searched online for "Matryoshkae Outlines" and "Coloring Page" but eventually free-handed it.

You can cut the face template circle by finding a round object the fits the largest doll body (a bottle cap or bottom of a paint bottle)

2. Cut out your 2 doll bodies of each template from your calico print.

3. Cut out 1 circle for each face of the three dolls.

4. Embroider face on one piece of doll body for each corresponding size. Stitch hair and the circumference of the face to secure to doll body.

5. Place two matching doll body pieces, right sides facing together. and stitch around, leaving the bottom edge open to fill.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 with other sized doll bodies and faces.

7. Enjoy your quick evening sewing project with nice results.

Notes on this project:
I intended to let my four year old have these dolls, really I did. But it turns out that they are freaking adorable and she has lots of little dolls (who's fault could that be?)

I think I'll have to be gifting these.

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