Owl Gifts a Go-go UPDATED with Purse tutorial

27 November 2010 23:03 by SarainAkko

These are only the first of many owl clips I have started crafting like crazy to get ready for the start of holiday gifting time. However, these are not the most exciting owl objects to be finished this week.

I wanted to get these posted before the evening gets away from me. Looking forward to sharing the owl pouch that will hold these clips for some of my favorite little girls.

Maybe I'm still hanging on to the tail end of the owl fad, but I just love little kids decorated with these cookie birds. More to come...

Like the Owl Purse I just finished!

This owl pouch from Giddy Giddy sells for nearly $40 online.

I love the idea, wasn't crazy about the colors and certainly wasn't loving the price. I felt pretty confident I could make one I'd be happy gifting for the cost of materials I already had in the scrap bin.

This is mine based on a similar one from a pricey child boutique.

Here's the Tutorial to make your own and save your $'s.

1 stained but salvageable child's T-shirt
1 fat quarter or other quilting weight cotton square
1 square of canvas or other heavy material for lining *(unless you enjoy playing with interfacing the canvas will keep the purse shape without too much hassle)
1 colorful shoelace or length of twill tape to coordinate
The basics- scissors, needle, thread, felt scraps for decorating

Gather your materials, and decide on a general owl shape. I liked the rounded shape I'd used earlier for the owl clips so I quickly sketched a larger version to create the template.

Start cutting the outline 2 from canvas, 1 from your T-shirt...

and another from your fat quarter.

Create a wing shape to fit around the edge of the body of the owl. Cut two opposite wings, press a small seam around the inside edge of the wings and top-stitch the length of the inside curve through both the T-shirt and canvas layer.

Once the wings are secured, decorate your owl with beak, eyes and even little feather tufts.

Pin all layers together, right-sides facing in. Pin strap to edge. Sew around edges. Turn right-side out and press.


Let me know if you make one of your own, I'd love to see more.

5 Response to "Owl Gifts a Go-go UPDATED with Purse tutorial"

  1. Lisa Says:

    Nice job! Yours is waaay cuter. :)

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    Thanks Lisa. I think the original looks like the Grimm's fairy tale version of an owl, mine is maybe the Mo Willems version.

  3. Wani Says:

    Super cute! I've been so into owls lately! Love it!

  4. malia Says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love ypur project. Great up-cycling and very very cute to boot. Thanks for the tute (didn't mean for that all to rhyme)!

  5. SarainAkko Says:

    Malia- Thanks so much for having a look, I won't hold the rhyming against you. Then again, composing a rap about owls would be a strike.Thanks again.

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