Handmade Baby Gift in 30 mins. How To

17 October 2010 18:24 by SarainAkko
Scenario: You're in the supermarket when old friends from out of town call and say they'll be passing through with new baby in about an hour...

Do you....

A). Drop the groceries, run around looking for something adorable only to show up late, with spoiled groceries and empty handed?
B). Drop your groceries, run to your 4 year old child's closet and pull out something. Wrap it up and explain to the confused new parents that their kid will grow into it?
C). Finish your shopping calmly, adding formula and a pack of diapers to be gift-wrapped?
D). Finish your grocery shopping and go home to make this... in 30 mins.

Alright, not the normal amount of effort I would exert on a new-baby gift but with moments warning, this is the best you get. Lesson? Call ahead if you want something really cool, otherwise get a modified one-sie.

30 Minute Handmade Baby Gift How To:

1 Plain Onesie, any size or color you like
1 stained but salvageable or outgrown child t-shirt in bright color, you will cut around the stains, no worry
1 circular pen cap or flat pencil eraser you won't mind painting
Silver fabric paint

Cut paper template of simple flower shape, whatever you like
The Basics: (scissors, needle, thread, glue gun)
....and 30 minutes from start to finish, including dry time.

1). Dig out your plain Onesie or Baby T-Shirt from crafting storage ( I usually stock up before the crafting inspiration strikes me).

2). Mark with a pencil a drooping curve under the neckline of your onesie.
Hint: If you fold the shirt in half and mark the center, your loop will be even and symetrical

3). Dip your round, flat pen cap in silver fabric paint and follow your pencil lines with individual circle stamps. Reapply your paint frequently to maintain consistent bead-like circles. (I've stuck a piece of cardboard between the layers to avoid paint bleeding through)

4). Lay Onesie in sun to dry. Go grab old stained child's shirt in bright color.

5). Trace a bunch of symmetric floral blob shapes from a template you've pre-cut and cut away (avoid spots that are actually stained if you like your friends and want them to continue to like you)

6). Stack 2 flower shapes bellow two smaller ones
(cut away1/8 - 1/4 inch of the large flowers following the overall shape as a guide)

7). Whip-stitch entire stack straight onto now dried Onesie

8). Create another flower stack, whip-stitch the layers to one another.
Hot-glue the stack to a barrette base and allow to cool.

9). Stick the set in a little bag, shove a bow on it and drag your kids out the door to go present this lovely little gift set to your surprise guests.


If you've got 30 minutes, you've got a pretty darn simple baby gift set that is good for those out- of-the-blue visitors.

Try it out, let me know if your friends are as impressed by your craft-ability as mine were.

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  1. Jill Says:

    What a great idea! It looks like way more than 30 minutes of thought went into it :) I'm bookmarking this to make for a baby girl that was just born last week.

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