Etsy Finds are my Best Friends

19 October 2010 10:44 by SarainAkko

No, seriously. I relate better to others through the amazing things they create than I do sitting and talking for hours.

Not convinced? Search your favorite color, spice, or scent in the whole world. Chances are you will come up with knitwear, and handmade accessories, and some vintage dress in a color that sounds like a food, a handmade lip balm or pure goat milk soap and more.

Malls make me nervous, Etsy makes me blissful.

I've just updated my store to include a few pieces of Jewelry that I've been tinkering with for the past few late nights. Have a look, let me know if there is something you want, I'll cut you a good deal if you mention this blog.

And as soon as someone can explain to me how to add my Etsy Mini widget, you'll be able to visit the storefront from any post or my homepage.

Comments on this dilemma welcome.

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