Princess Theme Gift Bags? Quick Princess Crafts for Princess Goody Bags.

12 October 2010 21:38 by SarainAkko

*Note: All tutorials mentioned will be listed in the new "Tutorials" section, coming this week

What do preschoolers really want in their princess themed goody bags? Bags that will entertain 30 boys and girls at least until they get out the doors of the classroom.

Here's what I came up with

Finger Puppets in disguise as Pencil Toppers, Unicorns

or Dragons (Tutorials to come)

Sparkle flower hair clips (Another easy Tutorial, stay tuned)

Plus a special Headband for the birthday girl
Sorry boys, you'll have to settle for harmonicas.

Slap Bracelets (banned from schools decades ago, but now covered and safe)

Butterfly Straws (paper punch and sticky dots, I can't this is stress how simple)
Princess SillyBandz (a new and rare commodity here)

All in these nifty little baggies (do you really want another Tutorial? By end of the week I swear.)
(Yes you can buy organza bags even here in Akko, but who doesn't want to use up a 5 year old stash of scratchy pink tulle).

You can see that I've drifted from the all princess theme a bit but crafting supplies can be limited and sometimes it's simpler to just throw some cool looking projects in a sack and call it a day.

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