Autumn Leaves Tutorial

07 October 2010 09:02 by SarainAkko
I'm working on a wedding present for someone with a slight "Autumn in the Country" bend.

The invitations came decorated with miniature maple leaf embellishments so in keeping with the theme, I'm thinking of Fall foliage.

The biggest problem with that line of thinking is that while the Midwest abounds with colorful leaves and the warm hues of the season, the Mediterranean is nearly without seasons and doesn't have those nice North American maples, oaks, pines and so on. So how do I get my hands on some genuine Fall efflorescence.

Here's the process.

Gather up the Autumn toned papers from the extensive paper stash

Get out the mica powder luster, ink pads and stamps that look equinoctial

Make some templates

Start cutting

Ink, chalk, luster and emboss till something looks right

Align Left
Arrange into a beautiful leafy array.

I'm not sure what the final outcome of this arrangement will be but I would prefer something that doesn't bare a wreath-like resemblance. Any ideas? I'm fresh out.

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