No-Sew Castle Playscape for Kids

01 October 2010 11:57 by SarainAkko

Easier than it sounds. Actually this project was much easier than most. Especially if you have a background in high school or community theater set construction.

Once the inspiration hit me, the start to finish time was roughly 2 hours, drying time for paint included.

So here's what you'll need:

-Canvas or other heavy scrap fabric you may having lying around the house
* measures at least as wide as a DOORWAY your kids can play in (hall or doorway) and a tiny bit taller than your tallest child.
-Paint- acrylic, craft, fabric, again anything goes.
-Scrap craft felt or other fabric for embellishing and creating hoops.
-1 Expandable shower curtain rod that will fit your doorway.


Measure roughly how high you want the window opening on the castle the mark it in pencil near the center. Folding in half lengthwise cut a symmetric window opening based on your rough sketch of the window shape.

Then get to painting. I outlined the lines of stones in a dark grey and later rounded out the shapes with light grey and a bit of mossy green for some depth.

After some drying time I added in vines, thorns, birds and flowers. When you're satisfied with your castle, let the paint dry (the paint will give the canvas a nice stiff finish)

Attach loops to the top of the castle. You could use ribbon or fabric ties, anything that will allow you to hang your castle over the shower rod. Either a few quick stitches or pull out the glue gun (or stapler, whichever you happen to have on hand).

When you are satisfied with your castle, hang it up. Invite hours of princess story telling, dragon slaying, Monty Python joke telling fun into your house.

None of the materials I used needed to be purchased, they were just things around the house. Whether you have 4 girls that dream of purple pony castles or boys that make moats and drawbridges out of their dinner, you can make something that fits your family or even have older children help you.

(This was created as part of a birthday gift and done in the secret of my nighttime crafting hours) Pictures of castle in play-use to follow.

CHECK BACK SOON: This castle tutorial becomes a Pretend Pastry Shop with real (felt) pastries!

3 Response to "No-Sew Castle Playscape for Kids"

  1. Lorie Says:

    That is SUCH a smart idea!!! A great way to make a puppet theater too!!

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    I've created a doorway bakery too but that's a holiday surprise for the kids, I'll post it when they finally see it.

  3. Hilary @ KatrinkaJane Says:

    Definitely doing this! And painting a different scene on the back for double the play...or maybe doing a four-sided drape-over? Hmm...

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