Crafting for Chanukah Already?

17 October 2010 11:59 by SarainAkko

The nice thing about living in Israel is that there are constant reminders of what holiday will sneak up on you next. The Fall is totally ruled by High Holidays and their endless strings of Holiday sandwiched between Shabbat and then another and another....

And although we've just taken down our Sukkah, my husband returned from the market the other day with the season's first sufganiot (Israel's best attempt at the doughnut). I was nearing distress over this sneak attack by Chanuka and it's greasy host of accompanying side dishes, but then I glanced at the calendar and noticed that it really is just a short six weeks until our next major holiday.

Here's my agenda for this holiday season, a rough outline that would be a miraculous Maccabian victory if I get through half.

Chanukah To Craft List
Colors and Counting Chanukiah (Menorah)
Dreidel Gelt Bags
Homemade Sufganiot (dare I try anything deep fried?)
Chanukah Crayons (Less dangerous than using a fryer)
Something of Juda Maccabi action hero variety
Something with a lion
Something New?

Oh and crafty gifts for all... oy, I really should think about some gifts.

Super. I'll start crafting now. I'll share projects as I go.

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