Partying Like a Fish in Water

19 December 2010 00:00 by SarainAkko
Two year old's hardly remember their second birthdays after the cake has been cut and the streamers pulled down from every doorway. Yet, as a mother, I feel compelled to bake and craft until the pure bliss of hard-work's exhaustion sets in and I am left in a haze for the party itself.

This year's party had a fish theme, not for any particular reason other than I had fish cookie cutters, a great goldfish stamp and tiny goldfish to work with lying around. I thought I'd give it a swim (sorry).

First the decorations:

a goldfish pinata

 goldfish stamped birthday banner

it says "Happy Birthday" trust me

Streamers under the sea 
(these were everywhere and looked pretty nifty)

Blue sea salt with goldfish for the buffet table

Chips in the goldfish bowl seemed like a good idea

 Goldfish cookies (well gold clown angel fish cookies)

Also seahorses, dolphins, whales etc...

 Veggie fish platter

And of course the cake.
You might remember the whale scrubbers turuorial:

These little guys made it into each gift bag. 

Along with goldfish soaps... the murky green is due to the relative impossibility of finding clear glycerine soap base anywhere in the North. I searched all over.

Where are the pictures from the party itself you ask? Don't ask me, I was passed out between the kitchen and the buffet shortly after the cake (loaded with lit sparklers) was presented to a happily confused birthday boy.

4 Response to "Partying Like a Fish in Water"

  1. JRFrugalMom Says:

    What a great theme, and your decorations look fabulous. I have a four-year-old who is obsessed with the ocean, he would love this.

    I hope you will consider linking your post up to the Wednesday Window this week. This is a perfect post to link up...

    I made Danish Christmas Hearts and Paper Christmas Stars to cheer up our tree.
    Happy Holidays!
    JRFrugalMom from
    Frugality Is Free

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    Thanks, I wish I could say my 2yo cared more about fish, but it's just what I had at my disposal and he seemed happy enough either way. Money saving tip... I could only get crepe paper in a large packet of colors for the fish pinata so I took the blues and white and cut them into thin strips to hang all over the house. It was the simplest and cheapest decoration used but the most effective. I'll add some pictures because it was pretty neat.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments.

  3. Handmade in Israel Says:

    How exciting to find another Israeli crafting blogger and Mum! Love all your little details for your 2 year olds party. There are not many of us who bother with all that stuff here... :)
    PS. I'm a fan of UK lass too!

  4. SarainAkko Says:

    I can't tell you how glad I am that you found me. We are a rare breed in Israel, most party guests were not wowed but confused by the theme and details. What can I say, it keeps me sane.

    Thanks for stopping by, have a look at last years attempt at a crafty party, it was not well received.

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