Mr Potato Head's Bucket is No More

12 December 2010 08:56 by SarainAkko

It seems that 2 is about the age where Mr. Potato head becomes wildly appealing in our house. Unfortunately 2 is not an age where you can successfully cram all of Mr. Potato Head's gazillions of parts into his backside storage or his silly trunk (that never can stay closed).

Tired of the pieces on the floor, we've made Mr. Potato Head a new sack for storage. Now to see if a 2 year old can keep this tidy. Right.

Although he is a beloved member of this family, there is a finesse involved in making sure a felt rendition of Mr Potato Head doesn't seem like some sort of racial epitaph. Turns out I'm not the only person who has had some trouble with this spud in the past.  Read the Washington Post here.

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