Does Every Penny Count ? Ugly Coin Purse gets a Makeover

27 December 2010 12:28 by SarainAkko
I've come to notice that in the US, coins have been nearly eradicated. Here in Israel (Europe as well) our coins are worth actual money. I can easily pay for the bus, a cab, a carton of milk or even leave a tip at a restaurant all in coins.

On a recent visit to Chicago I made a purchase for $4.67. I handed the clerk a $5 bill as well as the $.67 in change to get back a single $1 bill. The man looked positively befuddled. I thought I was making his job easier. I've learned that nobody would throw and handful of coins at their barista's tip jar, I was told by people in the know that anything not a bill is rude. I doubt any cashier would have the patience to count  a handful of coins to pay for a latte.  I even saw a home clean-up show where the family found a small fortune in forgotten change behind furniture and in the couch cushions, enough money to open a checking account for their college bound teen.

So I just have to wonder, doesn't anybody know that these coins are still worth money? Maybe in these difficult economic times people have started holding on to their nickles and dimes.

Here's a good project to remind you to hold onto your change. 

This is the old (ugly) coin purse from the (sort of) Dollar Store.

All I wanted was the metal hardware from inside this pinch closure coin purse. The style reminds me of the change purses  my great-uncle used to carry around as he paid for all purchases exclusively with coins. Ever been to a drive-through with a senior citizen who refuses to speak English but demands to pay in change? Priceless.

Here's the finished and fully lined remake of the coin purse.

As you can see, your bills fit when folded in quarters so it's good for traveling light.

Here's me demonstrating the pinch-to open feature, no coins sneaking out here. 

This useful attribute is already making my thrifty purchase and remake worthwhile. Just as I turned to leave the store where I found bought the old coin purse, the handful of change I had received came pouring out of my wallet as I tossed it in my purse. It seems my toddler has been busy at work pulling the stitching from the coin pocket, adorable. 

Gee thanks kids!
Quick Instructions:
1). Measure two outside fabrics and two lining fabrics to slightly larger than the width of the hardware and as tall as you like* (to fit a credit card in this pouch I would need to make the final dimensions taller). 

2). Pin the edges of the lining and the outside fabric together with wrong sides facing inward. Stitch securely around three edges leaving the top totally open. 

3). Turn your fabric right side out (press if you're into that sort of thing) and insert your hardware inside the pouch. You can choose one of the following methods to finish. 

A). Insert the metal between your lining and outer fabric to later top-stich the top and secure the metal with a running stitch to finish (make sure to only stitch through a single side of the pouch at a time or you will close off your entire pouch). 

B). Place the hardware inside the the pouch and fold the top of your fabric inward to cover the metal. Topstitch to secure and finish. I would have chosen this method for ease if I had enough of the outside fabric but it was an up-cycled scrap that couldn't accommodate the extra inch fold. 

The project pretty much explains itself. If you're lost, drop me a line, I'll try to help

7 Response to "Does Every Penny Count ? Ugly Coin Purse gets a Makeover"

  1. Sherry Says:

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts about coins. I still throw coins in a tip jar and use them often when paying for things. I have noticed that my grown up kids usually tip with at least a dollar bill or mores even when getting a small latte. I think I will continue to be my oblivious self and use coins to pay and tip how I want to. I really like your coin purse. I will be on the lookout for one to re-make.

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    Thanks Sherry. I think I have found a new favorite project and I've gotten a few emails about finding pouches to remake, I might just have to start selling the hardware on Etsy.

    Getting back to lattes...nobody in my office has ever tipped me for completing a task. Maybe I should set out the jar?

  3. Jana Says:

    Turned out great, be sure to link up!

  4. Anastacia Says:

    I'm a full time cashier, and have been for five years now, and at least 75% of my customers use coins to pay the change amount of their total. My hubby works at a dollar store part time, and he says the same thing, that the majority of customers pay the change amount. So perhaps it's the areas you were visiting, but everywhere is not like that.

  5. SarainAkko Says:

    Anastacia- I'm actually really glad to hear that people are still using coins. At times I almost feel like cash money has become obsolete especially when people can use a speed-pass at McDonalds and pull out the plastic for a cup of coffee. When I travel, I admit that most things go on the cards to keep record but at home we use all cash.

  6. Anastacia Says:

    Oh, using cards for everything is definitely true! Even hubby is guilty of that, and it really drives me nuts. I know it's more "convenient" but it somehow doesn't feel like real money to me!

  7. Katie's Nesting Spot Says:

    Way better as an "After", great job rehabbing it so to speak and thanks for joining us at A Crafty Soiree:)

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