Tu Bishavt Is Here!

31 January 2010 11:16 by SarainAkko
All around Israel people are celebrating the "New Year of the Trees." Akko is no exception.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a community event in one of the growing groups of Akko. Yeshivat Hesder Akko, Ruach Zfonit. The members of the Yeshiva and their families created a community Seder to celebrate together with music, food and the get-acquainted activities that make an event memorable. For example we learned one couple was quite accident prone dring their courtship, and that another's first night in Akko was greeted by a midnight fire that allowed them to meet their neighbors while standing in pajamas outside their new home.

Small children of the families had a great time running amuck and coloring pictures of flowering trees.

Kol HaKavod to the Yeshiva for creating an enjoyable evening to get to know the community of Akko.

Here's a tutorial on a Seder for Tu Bishvat.

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