Old City Arabs Racist?

20 January 2010 10:18 by SarainAkko
AkkoNet reports that of the 6,000 Arab residents of the Old City an overwhelming 40% survive on social security benefits from the State. Wouldn't it seem reasonable to take vacant properties within the Old City to sell to investors that want to refurbish these eyesores and bring a bit of money to the area? We're not talking gentrification but conservation of an ancient city, decaying with neglect.

No, say Arab residents of the Old City. Well, not if they're Jewish at least.

Arab residents claim that the sale of properties to investors is "Judaization." Residents claim a vast conspiracy of Jewish settlers coming into Akko. I won't debate the ridiculousness of the claim that Akko is somehow not a part of the State of Israel which grants all residents the right to live and grow where they choose or that the ethnic makeup of certain residents precludes the existence of residence of other ethnicities but I will say this; a mixed city with a split population has no room for racist housing policies. Dictating that Jews or Arabs may not live in one area or another because of the surrounding population of the city is ludicrous.

Here's the Hebrew from Haaretz.

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