Computers for All

26 January 2010 09:17 by SarainAkko

Much like the acclaimed "One Laptop Per Child" program that seeks to lessen the gap between technologically advanced nation's youth with those in developing nations, Akko too has been hard at work leveling the technological playing field.

In it's fourth year, Akko's City Hall and Department of Education intend to distribute 300 computers to children in need. See Akkonet's story.

The only problem as I see it, Israel is one of the most advanced nations in the world as far as computer related innovation, technology and general development in these fields. More scientific patents are filed in Israel than any other nation per capita. Hi-Tech start-ups are kind of "our thing."

So why are there school children crowding around computers, and sharing time just to type up reports or utilize online resources to advance in schools?

Simple facts: Akko is overall a poor city. The residents are overall poor. Unemployment is high. The average age of residents is high. All of these things together add up to kids who need every possible advantage to be successful against the rest of the nation's youth.

A Computer for Every Child in Akko seems like the best way to help Akko's youths stay ahead in a rapidly dichotomizing society.

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