Saving the Stones

20 January 2010 10:28 by SarainAkko
Living in a city with several thousand years of history it is easy to see the impact of a modern city living within ancient spaces. Right now the Old City is under constant construction. Building cranes and hard hats abound. It can be a bit difficult to navigate the streets with normal excavations uncovering Templar tunnels every time the city repaves roads anywhere in town but progress is good, or is it?

UNESCO threatened to remove World Heritage Site classification for Akko if the development became distracting or destructive to the nature of the city (Ynet article), but it would seem plans have been scaled back to an amicable compromise between all parties.

Israel's Antiquities Authority can be seen all over the city digging up, cataloging, photographic, and recovering with dirt until the next excavation but apparently they are receiving help from students from Israel and abroad. Save the Stones is a program that takes aspiring amateur archeologists to unearth and care for the treasures of the ancient city buried by centuries of semi-urban sprawl and the decay of time, sea water, and society on the time weathered constructions.

This is what road constrction looks like when yur city is built on a Crusader's fortress.

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