Where did I put that pasta Machine?

26 September 2010 11:05 by SarainAkko

After three years of sitting dormant, buried under the kitchen mayhem and clutter of three home moves, I finally dragged that huge metal paperweight out and made use of it. I was a bit disappointed that the results were so simple, so quick and effortless. I had avoided the much wanted pasta machine for so long because I had built up an image of how terribly difficult and messy pasta making would be. Clearly it was no more trouble than of my other home projects.

It's not really a magic recipe but more like guidelines for getting your dough to work:

I used a 1:1 ratio of flour to egg for the first batch, kneading more flour into the dough as required by the extreme humidity of our area.

If it sticks, you need more flour. If it won't cut, you need more flour.

Let your pasta dry thoroughly and when ready to cook, toss it in a pan of boiling, salted water (I usually add a t ouch of olive oil to avoid the stickiness). When your pasta floats and is tender, it's ready.

No more mystery to the surprisingly heavy box that continues to move with us.

Next up Gnocchi!

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