Batik Onesies

13 September 2010 11:39 by SarainAkko

The Elmers glue batik tutorial is one of those brilliant ideas that made its rounds on all the superb mom-blogs recently. I finally had to give it a try for myself. I read through countless descriptions of how to get this project done right but it's pretty straightforward once you jump in. Simple enough for even your youngest crafters to help out.

The essentials are some white craft glue, cotton item to be dyed, and watered down acrylic paint.


Paint out your design on your onesie or t-shirt using your glue and allow to dry completely. I recommend using a cut sheet of cardboard between the layers of the onesie to stop the glue from sticking the front to the back.

Once your glue has dried, you can start using your watered down acrylic paint to create any look you'd like. Remember that the colors will dry several shades lighter than they appear when wet.
When you've finished your painting, allow the paint to dry completely.

Rinse out your item in a basin of warm water. Once the item has been soaked, the blue should start pulling up, if not use a scrub brush to get the last bits of goo off.

Tips: I highly recommend washing the item before giving away as a gift or allowing children to wear their super new t-shirt. We don't use fabric softeners in our household but it might help soften the fabrics a bit.

Also, I found that with certain designs, the glue had to be pretty thickly applied to be absorbed by the shirt, if the glue is just sitting on top of the fabric it won't create that resist to the coloring and while you might have a super looking tie-dye item, it won't be batik.

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