The Barbie Bribe

13 September 2010 15:48 by SarainAkko

Yes, I said bribe.

That is, the bribe I offered my daughter to relinquish all the dozens of Barbies and their Tupperware boxes full of accessories.

To be clear, these were my dolls as a child. I was a barbie fanatic. What can I say, she was magical. Those blond minions had been stored in my mothers home for years only to be discovered by my three year old on our last visit to the states.

Perhaps it is a bit hypocritical of me to say no to this seemingly harmless plastic plaything but I have been pretty rigid about plastic playthings in my home since day one. As a mother I can finally articulate what bothers me most.

Why does a small girl need a toy of a fully mature, albeit grossly disproportionate, developed woman?

I searched the crochet sites to find something that looked a little more age appropriate and found this great tutorial.

To be fair, the original doesn't look as crazy but it was my first full scale foray into amirugumi.

It took a while and the new "Dassi doll" has endless demands like new dresses, shoes and castles. The satisfaction of a pretend playmate who is age appropriate and created with love is worth all the extras Barbie will never have.

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