Chanukah Craft Part 1: Color Fun Menorah

23 October 2010 22:07 by SarainAkko

Although this is a quick holiday craft it began as last year's holiday craft, only to resurface now to be finished and shared.

To be fair, the children in our household have never set their eyes on this little Chanukah treasure. Therefore, it must be new.

Things I like about this project:
It is relatively quick (if you're the sort who finishes projects)
You can use virtually any scraps you have around the house
You don't need to sew if it isn't your cup of tea (Hurray for felt and glue)
I see this as the kind of decoration that's timeless, year after year, for celebrating.
but without further ado...

Craft your own Color and Counting Menorah Play Mat

One large square of canvas or solid colored quilt weight fabric (at least 18"x18")
One large square of blue or contrasting felt or other heavy fabric
9 different colored pieces of usable scraps of felt
One square of yellow felt (for flames
Sew-on Hook-and-loop tape (you won't need much)
Basics (needle, thread, scissors, pencil etc...)

General Guidelines:
Prepare the base canvas by pressing and sewing the edges. Cut a rough Menorah shape out of your large piece of felt and sew the menorah flush to the bottom of your canvas. When completely secured, set entire piece aside, go get your felt scraps. Decided on a rough candle size you like, cut doubles for each of your 9 scrap colors, straight stitched around and stuffed each candle. Then cut out 18 tiny flame shapes to be doubled and make one flame per candle.

Take your Hook-and-loop tape and either sew or adhere to your canvas base where you would like your candles spaced.

Stick the play mat in your holiday box with your Dreidels and other Chanukah fixings and move on to your next holiday project. Enjoy!

2 Response to "Chanukah Craft Part 1: Color Fun Menorah"

  1. Ally @momstownteach Says:

    love this craft - so nice as a keepsake. we're having a Hanukkah link party this week:
    Would love for you to link up!

  2. sheba Says:

    Beautiful craft! I'm sure quilt fabric can be used as well for a colorful, textured effect! Sheba in Montreal

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