Giveaway-A-Day for my Birthday

16 January 2011 15:50 by SarainAkko
This is the world's most expensive dessert which I will not be trying anytime soon.
I don't care for birthdays much. There, I've said it. I'm just not a fan.

I am not concerned about aging and most often don't remember how old I really am. Seriously, who asks another adult "So, how old are you?" I just find this doesn't happen once you are out of grade school.

On the few occasions I've been asked this in any professional context (I work in a field with many older men and it singles me out for the question at the most inopportune times), I make a note to resent the heck out of my inquisitor and make them feel purposefully old by throwing around social media language that they can't grasp.

My dislike of birthdays is born out of my old-soul from birth and wallflower nature, I enjoy going by unnoticed. A birthday is like a day of people staring at you wherever you go (ok, not everywhere but it can feel like that).

Now personally flowers agitate me, gifts make me nervous and the 100's of shallow facebook wishes make me rethink my friending policies. I may be a total pain to buy a gift for but I do happen to be an excellent gift giver.  

So this year I will be embracing my birthday, with gifts for you! A Giveaway a day all week long! Come back throughout the week for fabulous birthday gifts and super tutorials.

Here's some more exclamation points in case I didn't use enough to show my excitement!!!!!!!

2 Response to "Giveaway-A-Day for my Birthday"

  1. Dori Streit Says:

    I wonder what edible gold really tastes like. I'm guessing kinda gross. But that white truffle bagel actually sounded pretty delicious.

  2. SarainAkko Says:

    For my money a bagel should neither look nor taste like anything but a bagel. If the fruit jammed inside isn't a raisin, it's crossed the line.

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